Tuesday, February 5, 2013

cARTography - city map stacking

Have you ever thought about the form and design of your city?
  • How the roads and highways are laid out, do streets connect or are there lots of dead ends?
  • Does your city follow a grid pattern or does it radiate from the center?
  •  What natural features intersect the city and affect the layout?  

Below is an aerial image of Paris, France.

Image from Google Maps (downloaded 02/05/2013)

Armelle Caron (click here for the original project website) decided to look at the city a little differently, by using the river and transportation nodes to dissect Paris into many small pieces.  As you will see below she then stacked the pieces. On her website she compares the dissection of several cities around the world.  Follow this link for Robert Krulwich's blog commentary on the project.

Paris, France from http://www.armellecaron.fr/art/index.php?page=plans_de_berlin

Paris, France Stacked from http://www.armellecaron.fr/art/index.php?page=plans_de_berlin

Happy Tuesday!  

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